Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should my handgun fit my new SL-Pro holster?
    A new holster should fit the weapon snugly. Allow the holster a break-in period. Insert your unloaded handgun into the holster, pushing it in until it seats properly.  Close the thumb break strap and secure DOT one way snap device if so equipped. Repeat this procedure a few times. Wear your holster indoors until it is broken in and you are familiar with its features.
  2. Think safety first!
  3. What type of leather do we use?
    Full grain, quality vegetable tanned domestic steer hide. We use only the finest hides available from select tanneries in the USA.
  4. How thick are your gun belts?
  5. Our gun belts are double layer steer hide, 1/8″ thick, bonded and border stitched, approximately 1/4″ thickness when finished.
  6. What should I do if I get my holster wet?
    Please allow your holster to AIR DRY naturally. DO NOT attempt to dry your holster in direct sunlight or use any type of heat. Drying leather in this manner will cause it to crack or split. Occasional application of a neutral paste wax will protect against moisture.
  7. Will a lined holster protect my handguns finish?
  8. Yes, it will protect the finish of your handgun and provide a smooth draw.  However, any handgun that is drawn and holstered repeatedly will show signs of usage.  Leather lining will enhance the service life and appearance of your holster.
  9. What is the best carry holster for women?
    A comfortable and secure carry would be belt type holsters worn on the hip. Our cross draw holsters are comfortable for women to wear and can also be worn on strong side, muzzle forward position.
  10. Smaller frame handguns are compact, weigh less and are easier to conceal. Concealed carry may require some changes in your wardrobe choices.
  11. What type of thread do you use?
    We lockstitch our products with strong, heavy weight nylon thread. It is the best choice for holsters, belts and leather accessories. It will not stretch or rot if it becomes wet.
  12. What care and maintenance does my holster or belt need?
  13. Our holsters are finished with a water resistant acrylic top coat. Edges are burnished and sealed. Keeping your leather goods clean and dry is necessary. Occasional application of a neutral paste wax will help to keep moisture and dirt out.
  14. How many holsters and handgun accessories do you keep in stock?
    Since there are many handgun manufacturers and models available, we are unable to stock holsters or accessories . Therefore, each item is custom made to your specific order. This policy provides our customers with handcrafted, genuine leather products, service and value.
  15.  Do you accept holster orders for unique firearms?
  16. Yes, we do accept holster orders for unique firearms.  However, our customers must provide the actual firearm to us. This is necessary for proper holster design and fit.  Please call our office for further information and estimate of charges.

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