SL-PRO Gunleather

Sunrise Leather, SL-PRO Gunleather, concealment holsters, gun belts and accessories are handcrafted to order. Designed for daily concealed carry or range use. All products are made to your specific order from start to finish. Premium bridle leather and quality materials are skillfully handcrafted to produce exceptional products. Crafted with pride, attention to detail and always hand finished.

SL-PRO holsters are designed for secure handgun retention, full grip access and comfortable concealed carry. Each premium bridle leather holster is leather lined and lockstitched with strong nylon thread. Wet molded and boned to your specific revolver or pistol for a secure fit. Optimum location of belt slots distributes handgun weight evenly for maximum comfort. Thumb break holsters feature a reinforced thumb break strap with secure DOT one-way snap for maximum retention of your handgun. Each holster is sewn with strong nylon thread on our classic, Campbell Bosworth (c.1881) needle and awl harness stitcher.

SL-PRO gun belts provide an excellent support platform for our concealment holsters and accessories. Each premium heavyweight bridle leather belt is leather lined and lockstitched with strong nylon thread.  Fitted with a chrome brass or solid brass buckle.
SL-PRO ammo and magazine cases are designed for use with our gun belts.
Strong belt clips or DOT one way snaps for easy on and off.
Due to the custom nature of our products, please allow six months for order completion.


SL-Pro standard colors are Black, Mahogany, Burgundy and Sunrise Tan.

Options: Basket weave embossing, Leather lining, Tapered belt ends.

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